City Departments



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Adjudication - 304 S. Indiana Ave.                      Fax  815-933-0528

Kristine Schmitz Director 815-936-3559
Lynne Mifflin Secretary  815-933-0515

 Building & Code Enforcement - 850 N. Hobbie Ave.       815-936-7390

Cliff Cross Interim Code Official 815-936-7390
Laura Onwiler Administrative Assistance 815-936-7324
Kate Bennett Permits Secretary 815-936-7327
  Building Inspectors 815-936-7393
  Prop. Maint. Inspectors... Misc. #'s 815-936-7399
Sherry Williams Prop. Maint. Secretary 815-936-7394
Compliance Officers   815-936-7396
Mike Magruder Plumbing Inspector 815-573-3434
Don Pallissard Scheduling Electrical Inspector 815-937-2940
FAX   815-936-7314

City Clerk - 304 S. Indiana Ave.                         Fax  815-933-0482

Anjanita Dumas City Clerk 815-933-0480
Joyce Toronjo Deputy Clerk  815-933-0480

City Hall - 304 S. Indiana Ave.

  Mailroom 815-933-0495

City Planner - 850 N. Hobbie Ave.                     Fax  815-936-7314

Clifford Cross City Planner 815-936-7320

Comptroller Department - 304 S. Indiana Ave.    Fax  815-936-7329

Elizabeth Kubal Comptroller  815-933-0491
Maureen Kambic Assistant Comptroller 815-933-0432
Tami Seedorf Administrative Asst. II 815-933-0490
Elyssa Macias               Payroll / Accounts Payable                 815-933-0437

Community Development Agency (CDA) - 850 N. Hobbie Ave.

Main Number   815-933-0506
FAX   815-933-0523
Clifford Cross Director - CDA 815-933-0488
Katie Schaefers Deputy Director 815-933-0511
Jan Gathing Public Service Coordinator 815-936-3569
Gloria Dowdy Program Manager 815-939-2284
Carlton Edwards Const. Tech. 815-936-8219

Economic Development - 304 S. Indiana Ave.

Bill Yohnka Director 815-922-1219

Engineering - 367 S. Schuyler Ave.,                 Fax   815-932-2951

David Tyson City Engineer 815-933-0509
Mary Clark Secretary 815-933-0509

Environmental Services Utility-850 N. Hobbie Ave., 

FAX   815-933-0508
Richard Simms Superintendent  815-936-1462
Pete Schiel Assistant Superintendent 815-928-7350
Randy Collins Assistant Superintendent 815-933-0445
Zachary Newton GIS Manager 815-933-0454
Clara Hall Administrative Specialist 815-933-0446
Ivan Rivera Information System Coordinator 815-933-1081 
Cindy Funk Computer Services 815-933-0468
MIS HELP FAX 815-928-7341
Randy Collins 815-933-0446
KRMA/Frank Johnson 815-933-0444
1600 W. Brookmonth Blvd.  

Laboratory Services Utility - 1600 W. Brookmont Blvd.  

FAX   815-933-8762
Pat Schatz Assistant Superintendent 815-933-0487
Sandy Spriggs Administrative Specialist 815-933-0487

Environmental Services Utility-401 W. Oak St.    

FAX   815-933-0473
Bert Dear, Jr. Assistant Superintendent 815-933-0471
Dennis Doyle Assistant Superintendent 815-928-7358
Nancy Martin Administrative Assistant 815-933-0472
David Harpin Chief Mechanic 815-933-0474
Leroy Smith Arborist 815-933-0476
Larry Hammond Sign Room 815-928-7359
Allied Waste Liaison   815-933-0477

Fire Department - 385 E. Oak St.                    Fax  815-933-0456

Ron Young Chief 815-933-0452
Phil Perkins Assistant Chief 815-933-0435
Gina Wood Administrative Asst. 815-933-0450
Deb Hubly Administrative Asst. 815-933-0458
Mike Cassagrande Capt., Fire Prevention 815-933-0479
Damon Schuldt Capt., Training Officer 815-933-0461
Don Fordahl Insp. Fire Prevention 815-933-0453

Legal Department - 304 S. Indiana Ave.          Fax  815-936-3619

Main Office City Hall 815-936-3618
Chris Bohlen City Attorney 815-939-1133
L. Patrick Power Asst. City Attorney 815-936-3618

Library - 201 E. Merchant St.,                         Fax  815-939-9057

Kankakee Public Library 815-939-4564
Stephen Bertrand Director ext. 323
Allison Beasley Assistant Director ext. 321

Mayor's Office - 304 S. Indiana Ave.              Fax  815-936-3619

Nina Epstein Mayor 815-933-0500
Nancy Smithberg Administrative Asst. 815-933-0500
Scott Koerner City Inspector 815-936-3604
Planning @ Zoning - 850 N. Hobbie Ave.               815-936-0488
Clifford Cross Director - CDA, Planning/Zoning 815-936-0488
Police Department - 385 E. Oak St.                  Fax  815-933-0463


Larry Regnier Chief of Police 815-933-0405
Val Jaenicke Administrative Asst 815-933-0400-401
John Gerard Deputy Chief 815-933-0420
Chris Kidwell Patrol Cmdr. 815-936-3624
Pat Kane L:t. CALEA 815-936-3602
Eileen Holliday Tech/Sup. Ass't. 815-936-8217
Shift Commander/Lt.   815-933-0407
Patrol Office/Sgt.   815-933-0408
                                         Detectives                      Fax  815-933-0525
Robin Passwater Invest. Commander 815-933-0402
Tracy Monferdini Admin. Assistant 815-933-0426
Dave Skelly Lt/ Detective 815-936-3571
Rich Sims Sgt./ Detective 815-933-0425
Randy Hartman Sgt. Detective 815-933-0424
Avery Ivey Sgt./Detective 815-933-0427
Scott Monferdini Detective 815-933-0423
Scott Monferdini Lab 815-933-0414
Steve Hunter Detective 815-933-0429
Jen Schoon Detective 815-933-0428
Joe Martinez Detective 815-933-0413
Zac Johnston Stolen Auto Force 815-802-7166
Aurelio Garcia Detective/Juvenile 815-933-0430
Mark Miramontes Detective/Juvenile 815-933-0431
            PROJECT SAVE NEIGHBORHOOD        Fax  815-928-7355
Peter Nicholos Sgt. 815-928-7346

                                     Police Services                     Fax  815-933-0524

John Raimondo Sgt./Nuis. Abt. 815-693-7933
  Nuisance Abatement Office/CSO 815-936-3613
Carole Franke VIPS Coordinator 815-936-3605
Gordon Frietag Police Records Supervisor 815-933-0410
John Schultz Police Records 815-933-0433

                     KAMEG  P.O. BOX 320  60914           815-933-9579

Sgt. Ray Pasel Dep. Dir., KMEG 815-933-1710
                        DISPATCH  2390 W. Station St.     Fax  815-937-3925
Dispatchers (Kankakee Communications) 815-933-0417
Kevin McGovern Director, ETSB 815-937-3935
9-1-1 Admin. Office   815-935-3370
Tammy Peterson Coordinator 815-937-3915
Spvsr. Telecomm. 815-935-3360

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Adjudication Office

Kristine A Schmitz, Director
For more information, call (815)936-3559

Lynne Mifflin, Secretary


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Animal Control

Animal Control Officer

Animal Control Services in the City are provided by the Kankakee County Animal Control Department.  To report an animal situation, you must contact the Code Enforcement Department for referral at 815 936-7324 during normal business house (Mon. - Fri., 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM), or the Police Department at 815 933-3321,  weekdays after 5PM, or any time on weekends and holidays.

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Building & Code Enforcement Department

Cliff Cross, Interim Code Official
Code Enforcement Department


For Building & Code Enforcement, Building Codes and
Permit questions and information
call 815-936-7390.

To view the list of currently adopted building codes, click here.

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City Clerk's Office

Anjanita Dumas, City Clerk
For more information, call 815-933-0480   

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for keeping the records of the City of Kankakee. Records considered permanent have to be kept forever and the minutes of each council meeting fall in that category. The original minutes of the meetings are hand written in beautiful script in leather bound volumes and date back to the incorporation of the city in 1855. It truly gives one a sense of tradition to stand in the vault and be surrounded by the history of the city as developed by the City Council. Other documents such as committee meeting minutes, agreements, contracts, maps and other documents germane the the operation of a municipality need to be kept for a shorter period of time. However, no records may be destroyed without the approval of a representative from the Local Records Commission of the State of Illinois. In order to keep the amount of paper stored at a reasonable level, we have a regularly scheduled procedure for record disposal.

Additionally, the City Clerk's Office handles the mechanics of setting the agenda for each Council Meeting. The format of the agenda has been set by ordinance. A skeleton agenda follows. To have an issue put on the agenda, such issue needs to be brought to the City Clerk's Office - usually by your alderman - by Wednesday evening preceding the Council meeting. This request will be reviewed by his/her Honor - the Mayor - and approve for the agenda or otherwise dispatched in an appropriate manner. Each department head has the option of presenting an issue for the Council to act upon. Most issues that are on the agenda are substantiated by documents explaining the issue fully. These documents are compiled in individual books for the Mayor, each alderman, the department heads and the attorneys and delivered on Friday afternoon preceding the council meeting. This enables the lawmakers to be well versed in the issues on which they will have to vote.

Although the members of the Council are regulated as to how often and how long they can speak on each issue, the terms are so generous, the rules are almost never invoked. If a non-council member wishes to speak, the following procedure needs to be followed. An alderman moves to allow the person to speak and after the motion is duly seconded, ten alderman (2/3 majority of the members) need to vote aye.

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for proper disposition of all ordinances, resolution and proclamations passed at the Council meeting. Any other document that needs attention as a result of Council action will be handled appropriately by this office.

In addition to these duties, the City Clerk's Office handles stickers for amusement machines, licenses for cigarette and tobacco products, coin-operated machines, waste haulers and itinerant merchants/peddlers. One of the conditions for receiving a temporary permit to sell goods in the City of Kankakee is the satisfactory results of a background check.

Organizations wishing to hold a fund raiser/tag day need to make application for approval to the City Council. Only organizations who have a local contact are granted this privilege.

Finally, this office is a source of information - citizens frequently call needing phone numbers of utility companies or asking for information about the County or the Court House. Though the Clerk has no voting privilege, the function of this office in an integral part of the City government.

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City Engineer

David A. Tyson
For more information, call, 815-933-0509.

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Economic and Community Development Agency

Clifford Cross, Director

The Kankakee Community Development Agency implements the objectives of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Services include housing rehabilitation, first-time home buyer’s down payment assistance, lead mitigation, economic development, public facilities grants, and public service grants for not-for-profit organizations. For more information, call 815-933-0506, or visit our office located at 850 N. Hobbie Ave, Kankakee, IL..


The City of Kankakee is in the process of developing a Consolidated Plan that will establish community goals and guide resource allocations.  The Consolidated Plan will cover the period May 1,2015-April 30, 2020.  We invite you to assist the City to establish community needs and priorities. 

We appreciate your time and thank you for your participation.






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Environmental Services Utility

Richard G. Simms, P.E., Superintendent

Pete Schiel, Assistant Superintendent
Randy Collins, Assistant Superintendent
Mailing Address:  850 N. Hobbie Ave., Kankakee, IL  60901,
phone:  815/933-0446.

Pat Schatz, Assistant Superintendent
Mailing Address:  1600 W. Brookmont Ave., Kankakee, IL  60901,
phone:  815/933-0487

Bert Dear, Assistant Superintendent
Dennis Doyle, Assistant Superintendent
Mailing Address:  401 W. Oak St., Kankakee, IL  60901,
phone:  815/933-0472.

The Kankakee Environmental Services Utility is a department of the City of Kankakee which has responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the City's storm water, sanitary sewer systems, lift stations, hydroelectric facility, street lights, traffic control, GIS, information technology, City networks, green building operation and maintenance, solid waste, recycling, yard waste disposal, streets, alleys and arborist services.  The Environmental Services Utility also provides industrial monitoring services for the City as well as contractual laboratory testing for compliance and process control at the regional wastewater treatment plant. 

For emergencies (i.e. back-ups, odors) call (24 hrs.) - 815/933-0446.





Garbage, Recycling, and Lawn Waste Pick-up
for the City of Kankakee

Garbage Collection Map and Service Calendar

Environmental Services (Public Works) (815) 933-0472

Allied Waste (815) 472-3332

Garbage- All residents have been given a 95 gallon container.  Residents can request a smaller container (if they wish) of 65 gallon or 35 gallon.  Allied will downsize your container for free only one time, after that there will be a fee.  The containers should be put out only 24 hours before scheduled pick up.  Code will issue citations if left out on street. 

Large Items- Items that do not fit in your container will be picked up once a month by Allied Waste.  This is usually the 3rd week of each month on your regular service day, but please check your schedule to make sure.  Allied Waste will pick up one large bulk item          (not more than 2 cu. yards) per month.  If you have excess bulk items, please contact Public Works for a special pick-up and pricing.   

Recycle- The recycle can is clearly marked with a gray lid and the words “recycle” on it.  Recyclables will be picked up every other week.  It is not necessary to separate recyclable items (glass, metal, plastic, and paper) Styrofoam packing material is not recyclable. 

Lawn Waste- Lawn waste pick up season is from April 1 through November 30.  The containers can be used for grass, small sticks and other yard waste. There are 3 options for pick up. 

1)      You may purchase brown paper lawn waste bags from area hardware stores.

2)      You may rent a lawn waste container from Allied for $30 per year.  It is a 95 gallon container that will be picked up weekly throughout season.

3)      You may use old garbage containers.  They must be 35 gallons or less, not weigh more than 50 pounds, and have a yard waste sticker on the container itself.  Stickers can be picked up at City Hall, Aqua, or by calling Allied. 


Seasonal clean up and storm clean up- This will be handled by Public Works.  This includes large tree branches and major yard waste like bushes or shrubs that can not fit in lawn waste containers.  Please call Environmental Services (Public Works) if you have yard waste that needs to be picked up.


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Finance and Central Services

Elizabeth Kubal, Comptroller

Finance and Central Services provides other City departments with financial services  including accounts payable, budgeting, reporting and payroll. For more information, call  815-933-0490.


In order to view the following items, you must have Acrobat Adobe installed on your computer.
  To download and install Acrobat Adobe, click here.

To view the City of Kankakee, Illinois, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 2014 click here.

To view the City of Kankakee, Illinois, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 2013 click here.

To view the City of Kankakee, Illinois, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 2012 click here.

To view the City of Kankakee, Illinois, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 2011 click here.

To view the City of Kankakee, Illinois, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 2010 click here.

To view the City of Kankakee, Illinois, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 2009 click here.

To view the City of Kankakee, Illinois, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 2008 click here.

To view the City of Kankakee, Illinois, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 2007 click here.

To view the City of Kankakee, Illinois, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 2006 click here.

To view the City of Kankakee, Illinois, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 2005 click here.

To view the City of Kankakee, Illinois, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 2004 click here.


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Kankakee Fire Department

Ronald Young, Chief
For more information, call 815-933-0450.

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Personnel/Human Relations

For more information, call 815-933-0504.

Coordinator of the City of Kankakee Americans with Disabilities Act

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Planning & Zoning Department


Clifford Cross, City Planner -
Planning & Zoning Division
For Planning & Zoning questions and information,
call 815-936-7320

September 9, 2014 Planning Board Minutes

November 18, 2014 Planning Board Agenda


In order to view the following items, you must have Acrobat Adobe installed
on your computer.  To download and install Acrobat Adobe, click here.

To view the City of Kankakee, Comprehensive Plan 1997, click here.
To view the City of Kankakee, Zoning Ordinance 1995, click here.
To view the City of Kankakee, Zoning Maps, click here.
To view the City of Kankakee, Subdivision Regulations,
 2002 Revised, click here.


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Kankakee Police Department

Larry Regnier, Chief
For more information, call 815-933-0401.

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